The Goose or the Golden Egg

I recently saw a video with Bob Proctor, author and star of the movie, "The Secret," and he said something that really resonated with me: "If you had a goose that laid golden eggs, what would you take care of more -- the goose or the golden eggs?" Well, naturally, we would all agree to care for the goose, he said. But we are living in a time when most people are only taking care of the golden eggs -- i.e. the car, the boat, the beach house, the latest and greatest technology. Because we ... Continue Reading

Clean Your Closet Before You Stitchfix


I have so many friends who have signed up for Stitchfix that I decided to try it myself. I have to say it's an amazing service. They sent me really cute stuff. It's easy to pick what you want and send back what you don't. And I did not have to go to Crabtree Mall. (Whoever designed the ins and outs at that mall should have to go in and out all day long for punishment.) I loved what they sent me, but out of six items, I kept one shirt. That's because I have my closet in perfect ... Continue Reading

My Home Audit

This summer I started a home audit, where I am looking at every single thing in my home to see if I still want it. I told my husband after I am done our house will look like a mental hospital. I am going full-on minimalist. The audit has been done over several weeks, and I am still in the process. But here are some tips: You can't keep it just because it cost money. You have to love it to keep it. If the voice in your head says you have to keep it because it cost all that money, just ... Continue Reading

Your Little Boy Does Not Need a Suit

I've organized a few closets for clients' little boys, and I am amazed at how many ties, button-down shirts and blazers they have. We are talking first, second grade boys here. "Do they like wearing this?" I always ask the moms. "No," is always the answer. So why do you have it? Your elementary school aged boy does not need ties or jackets -- even for fancy events. Please stop making them suffer by forcing them to wear this. No one expects your child to dress like an adult. I have ... Continue Reading

Do you still have the green recycling bin?


Do you still have this green recycling bin despite the fact the city delivered a big, blue, roll-out can a few years ago? Why? I saw this little sucker last week while walking my dog, so I know some of you still have them. I am here to give you permission to let it go. You were supposed to have left it out when your blue bin arrived MANY YEARS AGO, and the city would have picked it up. But I have good news. If you call the city's Solid Waste Management Department, you can still ... Continue Reading