Do you still have the green recycling bin?


Do you still have this green recycling bin despite the fact the city delivered a big, blue, roll-out can a few years ago? Why? I saw this little sucker last week while walking my dog, so I know some of you still have them. I am here to give you permission to let it go. You were supposed to have left it out when your blue bin arrived MANY YEARS AGO, and the city would have picked it up. But I have good news. If you call the city's Solid Waste Management Department, you can still ... Continue Reading

Let’s Shift How We Spend Money

I became an organizer because I love helping people declutter and figure out what they really love in their homes. But I'm also in this because I want to change consumer culture. Right now, our society is so focused on buying the cheapest things and lots of them. We don't care what Asian sweat shop they came from. That's how our homes fill up with junk, and, in turn, our souls fill up with junk. Then we can't breathe. Not to mention what we are doing to the environment -- all that junk ... Continue Reading

Let’s Get Real with Love Warrior

I am not really into the mommy blogs. I think they overanalyze parenting to the point where it's no fun. I imagine most of them have artilces like, "10 steps to get you toddler into Yale." Gag. I had heard of Momastery blog from Facebook posts, but I never really followed it for this reason. Then my second mother, Oprah Winfrey -- second mom because I was a latchkey kid, and Oprah was home with me every afternoon -- recommended a new book, called "Love Warrior," written by Momastery's ... Continue Reading

RGG Partners With Sheon “The Stylist” Wilson

  Raleigh Green Gables is excited to announce our partnership with Sheon Wilson, personal stylist and owner of Sheon The Stylist. You may recognize Sheon because she previously wrote the "Refresh Your Style" column in The News & Observer, where she gave readers makeovers. “I love style and fashion, and I’ve studied how to make every body shape, size and style look good," she said. "It’s my passion.” With Raleigh Green Gables' clients, Sheon will declutter your master closet ... Continue Reading

This is How We All Need to Live

Every now and then I get words of wisdom from Dr. Wayne Dyer in my email. I thought this was just beautiful. We all need to live our lives this way. If we did, we would stop our addiction to shopping and accumulating and consuming. Your ego keeps you shopping for appearances. I apologize for the different fonts. I can't figure that out But please read this and let it sink into your heart. To understand the way the ego works, you must realize that this false vision of yourself believes ... Continue Reading