Empty Spaces Create Opportunities

When I partner with a client to clean out a closet and cabinets, they usually purge so much that nothing goes back in the closets and cabinets. "What do I do with all that space?" the client will ask. "Leave it empty," I reply. "Empty space creates opportunities." Want to increase your home business? Clean out the home office closet. Looking for a man or woman? He or she will show up when you have empty space in your master closet. Looking for a job? You'll be ... Continue Reading

How to Pack Efficiently for Your Next Trip

The holidays are coming up, and that means you're heading out of town to see family. It also means you will pack a suitcase or two. Are you the kind of person who packs three weeks worth of clothes for trip that's only a few days? Yes? Then, read on, my friend. Here in RGG-Land, we want you to free yourself from the hassle of extra bags. For one, it can be costly -- airlines charge for bags. Two, it can be bothersome -- your kid has to sit on your eight suitcases in the car. Or, three, ... Continue Reading

Our 12th Anniversary


On Sunday, we celebrated anniversary #12. I have written about my 10th and 11th wedding anniversaries, here and here. There is not much to add this year, except that I am still very spoiled because he does all the grocery shopping and all the cooking. Since we last talked, though, I did get my upgrade ring from Reliable Jewelry, the best jewelry store in all of Raleigh. (I love you, Horwitz family!) And our celebration this year was no different than most. We gave each other ... Continue Reading

Creating Systems

When people contact me, it's often because they want a better "system" for mail, their office, their clothes, their kitchen items, their attic -- you name it. In most cases, these same people have already gone to a store and bought a ton of bins to "organize" their junk, thinking that will create a "system." Then they call me because the "system" does not work, and now they really can't breathe because they just brought a bunch more junk into their homes. What I have to tell you is, no ... Continue Reading

Year of Radical Self-Care

Jews just celebrated the Jewish New Year for 5776, so I make resolutions in the fall instead of the first of the year. I love it because who wants to cut back on chili cheese fries and start running in January? One of my resolutions this year is radical self-care, because it's time to take care of the goose, which I wrote about last week. That means I am getting my body and my mind in the best physical and mental shape to help me function my best serving others, which means more golden ... Continue Reading